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Red ginseng tea

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Red ginseng tea

│ Specification │

Product Red ginseng tea Supply price 3g x 50bag=U$6.10/inbox
3g x 100bag=U$11.30/inbox
Manufacturer Korea Red Ginseng Co Ltd Supplier Korea Red Ginseng Co Ltd
Person in charge Sales director Origin Korea
Volume 150/300g Raw material & content Ginseng juice 12.85%, Glucose 87.15%
Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 =4mg/g
Packing unit 3g x 50 bags, 3g x100bags OutBox Q'ty 50bags x40EA/100bags x20EA
Appearance Grannules Packing material Poly Ethylene

│ Charactoristic │

In this Korea ginseng tea, There contained Ginsenosides 4mg/g of Rg1+ Rb+Rg3 so goods for health. It is good for immune system, recovery from fatigues, blood flow, antioxident and improvement of memory and physical strength.

│ Safety and excellences of our product │

We, KRG, is a GMP manufacturer and nominated as excellent health food maker by keeping the guide line of quality control and food production standards of Food and Drug Administration. So every customers can believe our products.

│ How to use │

One day one time, One time one bag in cold/hot water

│ How to keep │

Avoid direct sunlight and humid place
Put in dry and cool place